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All items JOIN THE B&H TREASURES FAMILY - BECOME A REGIONAL OR BRANCH OWNER TODAY! Free Range Eggs Honey (Raw, Never Heated, Nothing Added) Cheese (Full Cream, Not Processed) Processed Cheeses Vegetables & Herbs Pre-Packed (Only available in KZN & Subject to availability) Frozen Cookie Dough Frozen Muffin Mix Batter Nuts & Seeds & Sweets Jams & Preserves Aloes Meat (Organic Hormone & Antibiotic Free) *Monthly Orders & Deliveries* Free State Meat (Organic Hormone & Antibiotic Free) *Monthly Orders & Deliveries Mushroom Fruitling Sticks *Monthly Orders & Deliveries* Free & Fresh 100% Natural Beeswax Products Prime Nutritional Products *Monthly Orders & Deliveries Health Category LifeWave Juices Cold Pressed Ina se Kombuis
Cashews Salted per Kg
Almonds Diced per Kg
Almonds Pink & White per Kg
Almonds Flaked per Kg
Almonds Raw Whole per Kg
Pecan Nuts Large per Kg
Pecan Nuts Halves per Kg
Macadamia Whole per Kg
Macadamia Halves per Kg
Pistachio Kernels per Kg
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